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[MTV] Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17 | 17th September 2016 Full Episode Online

Watch MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17 – 17th September 2016 Full Episode Online Full HD Video Quality.

About Spitsvilla Season 9 : MTV is back with its most popular love show that is none other than Splitsvilla. This time it is the 9th installment of the Splitsvilla show. The theme of the Splitsvilla season 9 is “Where women rules”. By the we can say that this time it’s all about women power and their dominance, which is going to makes it harder for the boys to survive in the villa is only by making true connection and giving your best performance as in pairs during the tasks. MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17 | 17th September 2016 Download

MTV Splisvilla 9 Episode 16- 10th September 2016

Splitsvilla 9 Episode 16 – 3rd September 2016 Recap/ Highlights :

In the previous episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 16, It started of with a scene where Mia loss her control and thrashed everything in her room. All the other contestant gets furious with her act, this lead to a fight between Nikhil and Mia. After this, the contestant who were on dumping ground got the last chance to impress a queen and get their safety assured. With major turn of events, most of the contestant preferred to go with Rajnandani and take their chance on her rather than Kavya. Mia explained about her situation to Rajnandini and Raj manipulated Mia against the Roadies group.

After that the real action was seen during the  Dumping ground where “The Roadies Group” was save for the first time which let everyone put into danger. In dumping ground the fight between Mia and Nikhil gets more serious later on sorted out by Ranvijay and Sunny Leone. After this contestant demanded to open the “Book of fortune” which said that instead of two three contestant are going to get eliminated this time making it more difficult for the contestant and one from the safe zone should also join dumping zone. Nikhil voted out the most and sent to dumping zone. In the dumping zone Rajnandini’s connection was eliminated first by Kavya which hurts Raj alot and made her cry and angry. Book of fortune also sends the two queen directly to finale and only on other princesses now can go to finale. Check out today’s Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17 MTV Splitsvilla 17th september 2016 Episode to find out.

Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17 – 17th September 2016 Elimination/ Written Updates:

In today’s MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17, All the remaining princesses are going to compete against each other to secure their position for the MTV Splitsvilla 9 finale and win the ultimate title of MTV Splitsvilla 9 with there connection. Rajnandini shows her anger towards the other participants and made a lot of annoying comments in the meanwhile during the tasks. As Kavya and Rajnandini are already in the finals securing their position with the luck from Book of fortune. Now, let’s see what’s next the MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 17 | Splitsvilla 9 17th September 2016 Online has to offer to us.

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